Audi Q8
Audi Q8
Audi Q8

Audi Q8

The SUV & Crossover market is the fastest growing segment of the consumer car industry, and, with the advent of the “SUV Coupe” body style, this segment is now one of the most significant. Perfectly on cue, Audi’s latest mid-size SUV, the Q8, is a stylish coupe-style luxury off-roader that offers more technology and functionality than its rivals.

If you are looking for an SUV that effortlessly blends practicality, good looks, and technology in an irresistible package, then the Audi Q8 ticks boxes. The Q8 truly has presence on the road: from the imposing s-line grill to the wide and pronounced rear haunches, this Audi means business. While it is listed as an SUV, the Q8’s Coupe-ish design cues, such as the frameless door windows, make it one the most attractive vehicles on the road.

The styling, however, does not compromise the practicality that this SUV promises. With over 600 liters of cargo capacity there is no lack of space for luggage and other items too. Up front, the driver and front passenger are nestled in two captain’s chairs that give access to the ultra-modern cabin that lays ahead. In the rear, up to three passengers will be hosted in complete comfort.

Now for the Q8’s party piece, the tech. The cabin of the Q8 features three displays: The “virtual cockpit”, located in front of the driver, serves the purpose of a dashboard but also allows the driver to access to many of the car’s functions without taking his eyes off of the road. The Second display, the main infotainment screen, allows access to all of the car’s entertainment, navigation and parking features. Finally, the third screen, which is new with this generation of Audis, allows quick access to all of the air condition functions. The use of three screens means that many of the classic buttons found in a car have been replaced in favor of a sleeker, minimalist interior. The trend to make less cluttered cabins with smooth lines and simple functions helps the occupants of the vehicle focus on other features. In the Q8’s case you will notice the high-quality leather and the high standard of the design that make this Audi a true luxury vehicle.

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