Ferrari Portofino
Ferrari Portofino
Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari Portofino

The Ferrari Portofino is the prancing horse’s new hard-top convertible GT. First starting life as a California in 2008, the hard-top convertible from Maranello is back as the Portofino. Still using a V8 as its heart, the Portofino adds two turbos in a Hot-V configuration for a total of 600 horses! All of this power translates into exceptional performance: a top speed of over 300km/h and a blistering o-100km/h time of only 3.4 seconds!

While a lot can be said about the vehicle’s performance, let us not forget that an equally important Ferrari factor is looks, aka design. In this respect, the Portofino is a masterpiece both inside and out. The exterior design of this sleek grand tourer embodies all of the new Ferrari design cues: angular, straight cut lines accentuate the proportions of the vehicle offering more presence on the road. The front grill is larger and now incorporates elegant horizontal metal strakes.

Inside, the new design language creates a comfortable and relaxing place to be, quite the opposite of what is lurking under the hood. The interior of the Portofino is as modern as the come: with a total of 4 screens, two of which are touchscreens, occupants of the cabin are able to access any and all necessary information with the tip of their finger. Furthermore, the passenger has their own little touchscreen to monitor the driver’s activities and either encourage or scold based on what they see or like!









3.50-100 km/h


1-3 Tage1,350 CHF4-6 Tage1,220 CHF
150 km pro Tag inkludiert
Tagesrate inkl. CDW /TP1

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